Do you ever wonder why some of us collect classic or special interest vehicles? Perhaps we all have different interests or motivations.

For some of us, it's the thrill of roaring down a two-lane highway headed to a car show, a museum, some other point of interest, or just out for a ride. It is the roar of an eight-cylinder motor in a muscle car, rat rod, street rod, or collectible vehicle. We enjoy the feel of the road, the twists and turns.

For some of us, it's the pleasure of imagining the past. Perhaps a spring, summer, or fall trip with our families or sweethearts. Or the thrill of the windows down, a winding road, or driving along a lakefront. We love it!

We invest countless hours covering every component of the vehicle's drivetrain, electrical system, brakes, and tires so that we can safely travel and then return home. Maybe we experience a breakdown in our journeys. A heater hose bursts, a fuel filter gets plugged up, we experience a flat tire, or even have one of the blades of our cooling fan come loose and damages the radiator. But we drive them anyway.

Yes, our cars pick up some paint chips when we drive them, or perhaps a door ding along the way. But we drive them anyway.

"Why We Drive Them" was developed to bring a group of drivers and their families together. To enjoy each other's company. To swap stories about our cars, our families, and our trips. To investigate unique roadways. To have a cup of coffee or a glass of beer together. To enjoy our cars, our friends and our families.

This website and the group of people behind it have something in common. We love to drive our special interest and vintage cars. And YOU are invited to join us.

Feel free to check out our planned activities and events. You are welcome to join us. But let us warn you, if you don't already, you'll come to like driving as much as we do!

To contact the organizers of "Why We Drive Them", please write to us at: whywedrivethem@gmail.com

©2023 Northern Illinois Street Rod Association. All Rights Reserved.

©2023 Northern Illinois Street Rod Association. All Rights Reserved.